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I got this palette for my birthday from my very close friend (Klara - THANK YOU!) and because I'm a makeup junkie you can tell I was super excited! I opened it right away and tried one of the shades. I was really surprised about pigmentation, because I thought the shades would be not-so pigmented. But they are and I absolutely love it! 

Here are some swatches - for a little preview.

The good thing about this palette is that you get 32 different shades from pinks, nudes and corals to browns and reds. The "bad" thing is that it's too big for carrying it around with you all day and it doesn't come with a mirror nor with a brush for applicaton - but I really don't mind it, because I use it at home in front of a mirror and with my lip brush I already had :)

You can get it here and usually the price is around 28€, but right now Ličila.si has a sale on BH Cosmetics products and it is only 19,95€.

Talk to you soon! 

lovies, KatjaSpanka

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